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Expert Guidance

As Laboratory Consultants, we are committed to making your laboratory compliant. We specialize in Physician Office Labs (POLs) and small hospitals where we strive to develop a successful working relationship with the providers, testing staff and vendors. We tailor the kind of assistance you may need to your unique laboratory. All these aspects are vital to your lab being profitable, and continuing to provide somewhere for your patients to go where they feel comfortable.

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With 35+ years experience, our team is comprised of experts who specialize in pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical services, as well as compliance with regulations such as CLIA, COLA, and OSHA. Our consultants are experienced in all aspects of laboratory operation and management and are dedicated to delivering quality services tailored to each client’s needs.


  • Accountability – We are conscientious and build transparent relationships with our clients.

  • AccuracyWe strive for improved patient care in diagnostic testing.

  • Growth - We are committed to improving laboratory compliance, growth, and longevity.

  • Professionalism - We foster a professional environment, that is supportive of team collaboration within the lab and other departments..

  • Quality - We are constantly seeking to improve and acheive our quality initiatives.

Stephen Buksh, MD, TX

Barb at BLC has "performed well for us and went out of her way to make sure we were well cared for."

Jesse Greer, Scottsdale AZ

Barb James at BLC "provided experience, guidance, and education in navigating CLIA and COLA regulations and standards."

Jose Garcia, TOI, AZ

Barb James has provided "nothing but seamless work flow and communication...I definitely recommend her for Lab Consulting projects!”


  • New laboratory setup including financial analysis for instrument solutions.

  • Satellite location setup.

  • Method validations for new instruments or tests.

  • Safety & OSHA training.

  • Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) development.

  • Competency evaluations.

  • Inspection preparation and corrective action.

  • Customized policies and procedures.

  • CPT and ICD-10 coding experience.

  • Quality Assurance development and implementation.

  • Quality Control setup and maintenance.

Customized Packages

Does your lab need only QC reviews or Quality Assurance?

DOES your lab tech need more clinical training? We can provide this.

DO you have an inspection your lab needs to get ready for?

DO you need help with corrective action following an inspection?

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Implementation -

The best quality control, competency and testing program will not be successful if it is not analyzed, the weaknesses identified, and a plan developed to correct any deficiencies. We will assist your laboratory develop a QA plan that will accomplish these tasks and provide steps for monitoring. 

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to conquer? Contact us today and see what we can do to assist you.


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