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Below you can find all of our products available for purchase. Please click the contact button below to inquire about purchasing any of our products. 

White urine specimen collection.webp
Wide Lipped Comfort Graduater Specimen Collection Pan In White | 10 Pack

Comfort Graduater Specimen Collection Pan also referred to as a urine hat, nun's cap, or fireman hat, is used for collecting urine and stool samples. Our wide-lipped urine collection hat fits over your toilet bowl and contains clearly marked gradients, 900cc to ensure proper measurements. 

Specimen Collector Pan Features:

  • GREAT FOR KIDNEY STONES AND STOOL SAMPLES: Urinalysis will allow you to test for blood in the urine. Collecting a kidney stone will allow for laboratory testing to determine what kind of kidney stones your patient has. Proper analysis ensures the correct diagnosis and treatment options for your patient. Stool samples can help diagnosis varies conditions affecting the digestive tract. Have greater peace of mind knowing your lab equipment is safe, sterile, and secure. 

  • MANUFACTURED FOR EXTRA DURABILITY: Each specimen collection pan contains reinforced ribbing for extra durability. 

  • FITS ALL STANDARD-SIZED COMMODES: Perfectly fitted for all standard-sized commodes. Raise up the toilet seat, place the hat collection container on the rim, and place the toilet seat back down. Easy to secure and remove!

  • OPTIMIZED FOR DRUG TESTING: Our wide-lipped specimen hat reduces adulteration potential in drug testing sample collection. 

  • CLEARLY MARKED AND EASY-TO-READ MEASUREMENTS: Accessibility is important to us. Clearly marked and easy-to-read graduations in ounces and milliliters (30 ounces/ 900 mL) can be found on each specimen hat. 

CaviWipes Alcohol-Based Disposable 2.0 2 Min Disinfectant Wipes | 160 Pack | 12 Pack

CaviWipes premoistened alcohol-based nonsterile surface disinfectant wipes are perfect for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces in your lab or office.  

CaviWipes Features:

  • DISINFECTS AND SANITIZES AGAINST DRUG-RESISTANT BACTERIA: CaviWipes are perfect for disinfecting and sanitizing medical and non-medical surfaces to protect against drug-resistant bacteria. These alcohol-based wipes also help to prevent cross-contamination.

  • NON-ABRASIVE: CaviWipes are non-abrasive so they won't scratch or ruin surfaces.

  • EASY DISPENSE: Easy to dispense and seal for future uses. 

  • RETAINS MOISTURE: Each wipe retains moisture when in use and storage allows unused wipes to remain moist and ready for use.

Nitrile Gloves.jpeg
Nitrile Latex-Free Wrinkle Reducing Exam Gloves | 300 Box | 10 Boxes | S/M/L Available

Nitrile Latex-Free Wrinkle Reducing Exam Gloves provide optimal comfort, durability, and safety. Eliminate the risk of common allergic reactions caused by latex and powdered gloves while reducing waste and wrinkles with an optimized packing method. Give your staff and patients peace of mind. 

Nitrile Gloves Features:

  • LATEX-FREE: Nitrile does not contain latex and is safe for those with latex allergies. Latex is a common allergy and increased exposure may lead to latex sensitivity. Give yourself, your staff, and your patients peace of mind by investing in latex-free nitrile gloves instead. 

  • POWDER-FREE: Eliminate aerosolization of glove powder with nitrile powder-free gloves. Powder gloves can carry proteins that have contributed to severe respiratory allergic reactions. Nitrile latex-free and powder-free gloves will help ensure the safety of your patients and staff. These gloves are also manufactured without natural rubber.

  • SMART DISPENSE TECHNOLOGY: Easy to dispense and store for future uses. 

  • MADE FOR COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY: Each glove is designed for strength while still feeling lightweight. Nitrile gloves are soft, flexible, and comfortable. Maximize resiliency without sacrificing comfort. 

  • REDUCES WRINKLE AND WASTE: Reduce waste and wrinkles with a single glove delivery packaging method. 

Green Lithium Heparin Plastic Tubes .jpg
Green Lithium Or Sodium Heparin Plastic Tubes 6.0 mL | 1000 Case

Spray-coated with lithium or sodium heparin. Used for collecting samples for plasma determinations in chemistry.  

Heparin Tubes Features:

  • SPRAY-COATED LITHIUM OR SODIUM HEPARIN Heparin induces the inhibition of thrombin and Factor X to prevent clotting or activation of thrombin. Lithium heparin is least likely to interfere with the results when performing tests for other ions like sodium.  

  • EASY USE AND SEAL: Clinically recognized for ease of use, performance, and efficacy. Conventional stopper or Hemogard closure. Tubes closure protect the sample by ensuring the mixing of heparin with blood to prevent clotting. 

  • USED FOR PLASMA DETERMINATIONS IN CHEMISTRY: Reliable blood collection tubes help protect against specimen spillage, breakage, and accidents that can expose the user to bloodborne pathogens. 

Gold vacutainer tube.jpg
Serum Separator Gold Vacutainer Tube | 5.0 ML | 10 Boxes

Collect samples processed for serum determinations in chemistry, blood donor screening, and infectious disease testing. Contain spray-coated silica to aid in clotting and polymer gel for serum separation. 

Serum Separator Tubes Features:

  • SPRAY-COATED SILICA: Aids in clotting with a polymer gel for serum separation.   

  • EFFICIENT FOR SERUM SAMPLE PREPARATION AND IMPROVED LAB WORKFLOW: Reliable means of serum sample preparation and easy use. 

Lav VacTube 2.jpeg
Lavender Whole Blood Vacutainer Tubes | 3.0 ML | 100 Box | 10 Boxes 

Whole blood tubes with BD Hemogard Plastic Closure.

Whole Blood Vacutainer Tubes Features:

  • COLLECTION OF WHOLE BLOOD: Used for whole blood hematology determinations.

  • PREVENT CLOTTING: Spray-coated with silicone and contains a K2 EDTA additive. Tube inversions ensure the mixing of the anticoagulant with blood to prevent clotting. 

  • HEMOGARD CLOSURE: Each comes with a Hemogard closure recessed within the tube and covered by a plastic shield to help protect laboratory personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube.

Winged blood collection.webp
Winged Blood Collection Saftey-Lok Set | Available In 21G Or 23G | 50 Box | 4 Box

Draw blood samples with minimum risk. Packaged sterile and ready to use. 

Winged Blood Collection Saftey-Lok Features:

  • AIDS MULTIPLE BLOOD SAMPLESLuer adapter option aids multiple blood samples. 

  • PREVENT NEEDLE STICK INJURIES: Protective shield prevents needle stick injuries. 

  • EASY ACTIVATIONOne-handed easy activation.  

  • BETTER CONTROL: Wide, flexible wings for better control.

Specimen Bags.webp
Specimen Biohazard Bag With Absorbent Pad | 6" X 9" | 1000 Box | 2 Boxes

Reclosable zipper sealed biohazard absorbent bags. 

Specimen Biohazard Bag Features:

  • OSHA/NCCLS COMPLIANCE:  Each specimen bag is OSHA and NCCLS compliant. 

  • LIGHT-DUTY USE: Made with clear polyethylene with three-wall construction. Pads are impregnated with superabsorbent polymers for light-duty use such as water, urine, or blood. 

  • ZIP CLOSURE: Reclosable zipper seal. 

Disposable Latex-Free Tourniquet Roll | 1" X 18" Roll | Pack Of 10

Tourniquets are made from latex-free materials, are easy to travel with, and are disposable. 

Tourniquet Features:

  • LATEX-FREE:  Perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin. 

  • GREAT FOR FIRST-AID KITS AND TRAVEL: Essential for first-aid kits, nursing students, labs, and offices. 

  • DISPOSABLE: These tourniquets are disposable and therefore, do not require cleaning. 

  • RESISTANT AND DURABLE: Each tourniquet is made of high-quality materials that will not tear under extreme pressure.

elastic bandage.jpeg
Latex-Free Double Velcro Elastic Bandage | Self-Adherent Reusable Elastic Wrap | 2" X 5 Yards

Durable and versatile designed to provide support. Easy to clean and provides full range of motion. 

Tourniquet Features:

  • LATEX-FREE:  Perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin. 

  • GREAT FOR FIRST-AID KITS AND TRAVEL: Essential for first-aid kits, nursing students, labs, and offices. 

  • EASY APPLICATION: Easy to adjust the level of compression with double velcro closures.  

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Can be hand-washed or machine-washed and dried. Great for long-term use with extended skin contact. 

  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Comfortable and designed to be lightweight and breathable while allowing a full range of motion. Perfect for exercising and physical therapy. 

blue test tube.png
Sodium Citrate Blood Collection Tubes | Coagulation Study Test Tubes | 4.5 ML | 13 X 75 MM | 2.7 ML

Latex-free buffered sodium citrate sterile blood collection tube with light blue hemogard closure. 

Tube Features:

  • LATEX-FREE:  Perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin. 

  • COBALT RADIATION STERILIZATION METHOD: Kills microorganisms in a specially designed cell, which allows for targeted radiation doses to higher-density products.

Red test tube.jpeg
Red Serum Clot Activator Tubes | Blood Collection Tubes | 9 ML

Latex-free serum clot activator/polymer gel additive, spray coated and sterile. 

Tube Features:

  • LATEX-FREE:  Perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin. 

  • COBALT RADIATION STERILIZATION METHOD: Kills microorganisms in a specially designed cell, which allows for targeted radiation doses to higher-density products.

  • AID IN CLOTTING: Spray-coated Silica to aid in clotting and a polymer gel for serum for separation. 

  • Improve Laboratory Workflow: Provide efficient means of serum sample preparation and help improve laboratory workflow. 

Breathable Curad Paper Adhesive Tape With Dispenser For Sensitive Skin | 2" X 10 YD

Latex-free serum clot activator/polymer gel additive, spray coated and sterile. 

Tube Features:

  • DESIGNED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN:  Perfect for those with sensitive skin. This paper adhesive tape is gentle and breathable.

  • RECOMMENDED FOR PEDIATRIC AND GERIATRIC PATIENTS: Gentle for age groups with extra sensitive skin. 

  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Ideal for those with allergies. 

  • FLEXIBLE FOR ADDED COMFORT: Comfortable on the skin by allowing flexibility and breathability. 

  • ADHERES TO DAMP SKIN: Adheres and stays on damp skin.

Latex-Free Sterile Urine Collection Tube With Gray Conventional Rubber Stopper | 4 ML 

4 ML plastic material latex-free urine collection tube made with boric acid/sodium formate and sodium borate preservative.

Tube Features:

  • LATEX-FREE:  Safe for those with latex allergies.

  • GAMMA RADIATION STERILIZATION METHOD: Efficiently eliminate microorganisms leaving a sterile collection tube.

  • PROTECTS SAMPLE FOR UP TO 72 HOURS: This BD Proprietary, mercury-free urinalysis preservative maintains sample integrity for up to 72 hours at room temperature, which the BD Microbiology Preservative maintains bacterial viability for up to 48 hours at room temperature.

  • 540-DAY SHELF-LIFEStore unused collection tubes safely for up to 540 days. 

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